.watch out.

Monday, January 13


When you have a SECRET that suppose to be a SECRET. Then you tell to your friends that you have a SECRET. They ask you what is your SECRET but you say you won't let they know since it is your SECRET that must be SECRET in which not even a single person can know about that SECRET except yourself. But then you give the hint about your SECRET by all the SECRETIVE status of yours at the social media. The SECRET that no longer a SECRET as you SECRETLY expose your SECRET thru your SECRETIVE status. Then everybody knew about your SECRET which suppose to be SECRET. So, I SECRETLY write this myself just to let you all know how you suppose not to told your SECRET thru your SECRETIVE sosial media status coz that show you are SECRETLY seek for attention by telling people that you have a SECRET and letting them know your SECRET by your SECRETIVE status which suppose to be kept SECRET by yourself coz it is your SECRET and have to be kept as SECRET between you and yourself. So everybody, dont told people that you have a SECRET if you SECRETLY want to tell them about the-thing-that-so-you-call-SECRET which it is not a SECRET anymore when you tell people about your SECRET. Directly. Or. Indirectly.
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