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Wednesday, January 13


Kau agak aku ni ahli sastera?
Kalau aku cakap semua ada 'hidden' meaning?
Ape kate kau hadam je apa aku cakap as what it is?
Ingat aku ada banyak masa nak korek korek lubang semata mata nak letak hidden meaning dalam ayat aku?

Move on man! Move on!

Kalau kau rasa 2 people with the same goals are compliment for each other, then kau silap!

Silap besar bro!

In relationship it works in a different way.
Totally opposite.

Sini la aku bagi contoh.

Kau tak pandai main gitar.
Tapi kau mintak orang yang tak pandai atau tak suka main gitar ajar kau main gitar.
Kau rasa siapa yang dapag benefit dalam hal ni?

None, bro. Takda siapa dapat benefit. Dua dua bodoh main gitar. Sorang tu mungkin tak suka pon gitar.

Kau rasa berapa lama kau boleh pandai main gitar kalau both of you stick together?

Not gonna happen even in million years.
But maybe in billion years.

See. Aku tak cakap mustahil.

Senang macam ni la.

Kalau hati dah tawar, kau tambah garam gula segala pak aji mak ajinamoto pon, its not going to work. Ever.

Be matured.

As i said. Take my word as it is.

I repeat again my last massage.

This is not about YOU! Its about ME! MYSELF!

How can you feel my feeling? You can't. You won't and you didn't want to know.

Last word bro, MOVE ON.

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