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Friday, September 17


i'm sorry my dear friend!!! tht's the most stupid mistake tht i have ever made!! i hv BROKE UR HEART, MADE YOU CRY..what a STUPID mistake tht i had made!! more or less its already 2 TIMES!!! wowww!! sorry 4 yesterday entry!! i knw thts really hurt!! mmg x ptt i buat you cam 2. semue ni SALAH FAHAM. how could i knw tht your brother did not knw bout tht story!! mmg smlm i marah sgt bile your brother sais tht 2 smue x btol. so, i though tht you are lying (eh, btol ke aku eje ni?? ahhh, lntak la.. sorry my english is bad! tp nk gak ckp omputih!!) 2 us!!! whatever pon smue nyer dah settle smlm!! thx friends!! ALHAMDULILLAH!! finally. x sggup asenyer if x selesai g. we must keep on going ckp sal bnde y x btol!! n now!! we already knw the truth! SORRY 4 all those word y wat you terase smpai nangis smlm. x sgke lak jd cam 2. cz smue y i 2lis kat lm blog is smue bnde y i tgh fikir!! so i mmg x pkir 2 kali bile nk 2lis. i LEPAS an GERAM, HAPPY N SEDIH i kat cini. smue y i 2lis mmg kdg2 agak OVER!! so lps ni i'll cntrol my words here!! so tht x de lagi org skit ati smpai nangis bace my blog cam you smlm!!


friends is n0t a fo0l! Gonna This emoticon
 has been enhanced by Facicons u till end. S0rry 4 the stupid mistake tht I hve made. Ths are the 2nd tme. Is there a real ap0l0gy 4 me?? T.T

 remember this status?? i really do regret 4 what i'm doing yesterday!!! don't knw wht else 2 say. hurmmmmmmmmmm.........


lot's of enjoyable time 2gether!! hopefully we will hve another time like ever b4!!  missing tht time!!!
3 of us!!
pangkor island!!
there's a lot more of picture!!! bt let me keep it!!
i also would like thx 2 others friends tht give me a lots of support yesterday!!! i This emoticon has been enhanced by 
Faciconsyou all!! AINA AMIRA, NOH.. n many more!! tq friends!!! ouh!! lupe lak nk mention!! noh! tq cz sudi bce smlm. i x sgke lak you akn bce my blog!! thx a lots!! after this i hv special entry 4 you!! hahaah.. juz your lyric!! :) 
sorry smlm pnye citer 2 x bape nk btol sket!! slh phm 2!! tp smue dah settle!! thx GOD!! 

that's all i would like 2 say 4 the time being. 

SORRY agian friend!!!

from; your friends.............

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