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Thursday, September 16


juz wanna share wit u all that i juz made somethng that most of the people could believe me. hah!! suck!!! juz in 'rojak' words plizzzz.. no wonders, i change my 'status' is juz b'cz  YOU!!! YESS!! YOU!! the person tht make me feel sooooo uncomfrtable. keep thinking, thinking n thinking. nice!!! glad 2 see you!! huh!!! SUCK!!! ok. this is really broken englsh!! by the way, aku pon dah lame x update pape kan. so SORRY dear... very bzy la.. sape2 y ade acc fb aku mst taw sal CHANGE IN RELATIONSHIP aku. hurmmm. x nk komen byk2!! this is still a secret!! hahahahahahah.

ouh!! i have a very, very interesting life here, lots of friends n also lots of new things 2 explore!! GREET! love it!! tapi, ouh suck!! PSPM is coming!! i need someone's help plizz. math n bio!! suck really!! especially MATH!! GRAPH, LIMIT, n so wat ever 2!! yup!! really suck of it!!

kat cini aku byk tido time cuti. ish!! don't knw wat 2 do dear. cuti raye pon cket je. dah2!! mls aku nk talk bout cuti raye!! rimas la ngn JPP kat cini!! they juz can give lots of REASONS!!! but don't they think bout how 2 fulfill their promise????? ouh!! wat a man on this earth!! dulu b4 jadi JPP bkn main lagi... janji 2 , jnji ni.. hey guys!!! if korg x bole nk TUNAI kan janji korg 2, better don't promise any k!! think b4 u talk!! korg pnye propaganda dle bkn main lagi!! skrg??? korg dok sedap je dlm bilek JPP 2 kan. ish2!!

STOP bout JPP!!! I MISS YOU my friends!!! lots of lurve!!! anyway! thnks 4 those y dtg my house tht day!! really2 apprciate tht. bt, no pic 2 display ouh!!hahhaaha. raye this year x se'happy' last year!! bt i believe tht there's somethg tht more priceless thn this!!! hopefully!!!

eid 2010


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