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Monday, November 1


hipokrit?? am i?? huh. i also don't know. hipokrit bout what? being very 'jiwang' person 4 all this holiday? don't know why. it's really sucking me!! a lot!! i'm in the middle now. should i juz leave it o should i bring it together till the end?? i do really can't bear this feeling anymore. should i just keep it quietly damn far in my heart?? to whom should i revel this feeling?? to whom?? there is no one that will really understand me now. yup. no one. everyday keep being a stalker. huh! bad. hate that. yup hate that. should i just hate this feeling together? should i? 

leaving this feeling behind is just like leaving half of my soul. but it is much better rather than bring this feeling together till the end. yup. i must leave it! so that no one could be hurt bcz of this feeling neither me or anyone else. can i do like this?

i will leave this feeling behind. others may no hurt. but i will keep on going to be a FOOL to myself. that such a seriously suck!! i hate to hurt bcz of "TIPU DIRI SENDIRI" those words, already hurting me a lot now. so? should i bring it together? no. no. no. no. NO WAY!!! it just will make me look like a very FOOL person to others. damn! hate this again!

arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! can't it just stop it here??????? can't it? i cannot bear this anymore. please. just leave me foolish feeling!! just leave me alone!!! 

for the sake of others, i think, this is the best SOLUTION. just keep it as my "jerk" feeling. n everybody will safe. yup. EVERYBODY including that person. n i'll be happy to see that person happy. can i? yup! i can. just bring it together n do nothing bout that. it just a fool. yup. a fool.

i think. totally broken english. sorry. i'm not that good in this type of subject. thank you for reading. i do appreciate that. thank you for being my FRIENDS. it makes the biggest different in my whole life. no need to know what is really going on with me. for me, it is more than enough if you could just understand my feeling by reading this entry. thank you.

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